Pickett’s Charge

On July 3, 1863, on the final day of the battle of Gettysburg, General Lee ordered a direct assault on the Union Army that would end the Confederates last invasion on the North. George Pickett, who graduated at the bottom of his class from West Point, commanded the right side of the some 15,000 Confederate soldiers that crossed a mile-long field to attack nearly 7,000 Union soldiers. 

The risky attack resulted as a loss for the Confederacy. Nearly all of the Confederates that did not retreat either killed, wounded, captured or ended up missing. After the failed attack, Robert E Lee blamed himself for the catastrophic assault. 

  1. lhb971 said: Walking around these battlefields you can feel the ghosts. It’s an awesome place to visit. Chicamauga just south in GA is another that was part of this battle is another that I particularly enjoy.
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